Grad Program

Program Details

  • All new and unregistered Scion models (including demonstrators of these models), delivered by an authorized Scion dealer.

  • The Scion Grad Program Allowance is in addition to the Scion posted rate that is available from Scion at the time of delivery.

  • The vehicle must be registered in the name of the applicant.

  • The dealer must submit Scion Grad Program Allowance Applications within 30 days of vehicle delivery to be eligible for the Grad Allowance.

  • Each graduate is only eligible to receive the Grad Allowance one time under this program.

  • The graduate is not eligible for the Scion Grad Program if the Toyota Grad Program has been used previously by the graduate.

Minimum Requirement

Eligible Programs* Minimum Length Criteria
High School** 4 Years Must have graduated from a full-time high school within the last four years.
Accredited College*** 2 Years Must be graduating within four months or have graduated within the last four years.
Accredited University or CEGEP**** 2 Years Must be graduating within four months or have graduated within the last four years.

* Post graduate and graduate degrees are eligible

** Recognized high schools are educational institutions offering programs up to grade 12 or secondary 5 in Quebec

*** Accredited Colleges and Universities are educational institutions offering programs consisting of a minimum of two years or 16 months of study.

**** For CEGEP in Quebec the DEC technical programs and DEP professional programs are eligible


The dealership is responsible to ascertain that the applicant meets the required terms and conditions before an Allowance Application Form is submitted.

Upon acceptance of the application or if the application does not meet the program’s terms and conditions, the dealership will be notified.

Grad Eligibility

If you will graduate within the next four months or have graduated in the last four years from an accredited Canadian university, college or CEGEP, then you are eligible.  Also, if you graduated from high school in the last four years, you are eligible as well. (Please refer to chart for more information).

The four-year eligibility period will be calculated from the date shown on the graduate's diploma/degree. Applications outside the specific four-year period cannot be accepted.

Graduates from non-Canadian schools may qualify, however, the applicant will be required to provide proof that the school is accredited through the applicable foreign governing body.

Required Documentation

  • A copy of your diploma/degree, or a letter from the Registrar's Office confirming your graduation within the next four months.

  • A copy of the Vehicle Purchase or Lease Agreement.

  • If the graduate's name on the diploma/degree is different from the name of the applicant, documentation of the name change is required.

  • If the student graduated from a non-Canadian school, proof of the school's accreditation from the applicable foreign governing body will be required.

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