Financial Services


Getting into the Scion of your dreams is easier than you might think.

Applying for credit online or at a dealership is quick and simple, and you can count on Scion to deliver superior service and quality. All contracts are in plain language with all information fully disclosed. And with Scion you know you will be getting the most competitive rates, flexible terms, and the confidence that comes with dealing with a company with the experience and financial backing to help you drive away in a brand new vehicle.

There are however, a couple of important items to consider before putting your money down – for example, is it better to lease or finance? How does this car fit into your budget? The answers to these questions, and others, require a little bit of background knowledge about your options, in combination with an understanding of your financial habits and credit standing.

So, before hitting that 'Pre–Approve Me for Credit' button, may we suggest you take a few minutes to figure out your options and learn the basics.

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