Extra Care Protection

Your Scion arrives with one of the best warranties available. This raises the question, "why would I need Extra Care Protection?" The answer will depend on a number of factors like, how you plan on using your Scion, how many kilometres you'll drive, and how many years you intend on keeping your car. So, before deciding, it may be worth taking a closer look at how ECP can up your coverage and enhance your Scion experience. Here's a short list of ECP benefits:

  • No deductible

  • Potential higher resale value

  • Transferable if you sell your Scion

  • Protects against the rising cost of vehicle repairs

  • Protects your budget against unexpected expenses

  • Comprehensive assistance in the event of a road emergency

  • Can provide coverage for up to seven years or 200,000 kilometres

  • Available service from over 1,500 Toyota and Scion dealers across North America

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