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Issue 6

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    Inside the Mind of an Automotive Designer

    You know that friend who not only has a great job, but happens to be really good at it too? In his circle, whiz kid Matt Law is that friend. Since the tenth grade, Matt has been creating custom body kits. He has even been commissioned to craft unique designs for notable individuals, like Scion’s own ambassador, Pat Cyr. He meets up with Five Axis Design founder Troy Sumitomo at SEMA in Las Vegas, as they tackle what it really means to love what you do.
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    Meals on Wheels

    Food trucks are springing up all over the country offering culinary delights worthy of a five-star resto. However, it isn't all fun and games. A gauntlet of hard work, close quarters, and city bylaws means that only the hardest working and notoriously delicious survive. We've compiled the best food trucks for the biggest cities in Canada.
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    The Quest for the Holy Rail

    As any snowboarder will tell you, there are rules to this. Pulling off a flawless trick, getting the proper video, and becoming an overnight YouTube sensation, does not happen by chance. Six snowboarders explain what it means to find the perfect rail and how to discover it. They also reveal an unwritten - but very important - code with any rail you might find.
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