What is Scion’s association to Toyota?

Scion is a vehicle brand operating under the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC).

What is the definition of Scion?

"Scion" means descendant of, and shows Scion's clear heritage and connection to Toyota. The pronunciation is "sigh-on".

Why was Scion created?

From the outset, Scion set out to build vehicles tailored to the needs and tastes of a new generation of drivers. The outcome is a range of iconic, urban vehicles that combine attitude, affordability, quality and fuel economy, and offer a broad array of dealer-installed Scion accessories and TRD Performance Parts that give every Scion driver the means to boldly express their personality and individuality.

Where are Scions manufactured?

The iM is manufactured at the Toyota Takaoka plant in Japan. The tC is manufactured at the Toyota Tsutsumi plant in Japan. The FR-S is manufactured at the Fuji Heavy Industries plant in Japan.

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